Let's try to describe me, ok?

Jordan Yampolsky is an Arizona native based in New York City with an insatiable attraction to storytelling.  Her dry humor mixed with her positive professionalism bring a sense of fun eagerness into any project.  

Beginning at theatre summer camp at age six, she immediately recognized the importance of being a part of stories that move audiences to laugh and cry.  She grew up in community theatre at Desert Stages Theater, in Scottsdale, Arizona, playing numerous roles before she went to college.  She also participated in the theatre program at Desert Mountain High School, where she served as Drama Club Secretary.   

Jordan has a BFA in Theatre Performance from Chapman University.  Chapman's faculty has helped her immensely to grow as both an actor and a singer, and encouraged her to foster a love for Shakespeare's works.

When Jordan is not onstage performing, she is never too far from the theater; she has a passion for directing, playwriting, and coaching as well.  In Arizona, she directed over ten youth productions at Desert Stages Theater and is now working on writing short plays and songs in her spare time.  She also loves trying unusual foods, stepping on crunchy leaves, and playing video games with her two brothers.

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About Desert Stages Theater...

As you may guess from my bio, Desert Stages is my home-away-from-home. For over 20 years they have created opportunities for children and teens ages 3-19 to experience and participate in live theater. (You can see me with my students in the photo to the left!) DST is a 501c3 non-profit organization, which means that they make their money from ticket sales and donations. I am giving them a shout out right here, so that they can continue changing the lives of children in Arizona, like they did for me!